Why use 304 stainless steel tubes for heat exchanger tubes?
Why use 304 stainless steel tubes for heat exchanger tubes?

With the widespread application of 304 stainless steel pipes, the production of stainless steel pipes has made great progress in terms of scale, quality, technology, etc., especially its demand fields are gradually expanding. In addition, with the development of 304 stainless steel pipe technology As it matures, many products can replace stainless steel seamless pipes, such as heat exchanger pipes, medium and low pressure boiler pipes, etc.

304 stainless steel pipe production characteristics: production equipment is light and handy, low investment, fast construction speed, simple welding method, wide range of product specifications, high dimensional accuracy, small wall thickness deviation, smooth surface and high yield rate. In the case of mass production, the cost of welded pipe is more than 20% lower than that of seamless pipe. In recent years, the domestic production process of stainless steel pipes uses cold-rolled coils to be slit and shaped according to specifications, then welded into tubes by a multi-gun argon arc welding machine, and then cold-rolled and drawn, so that the performance indicators of the seam can be compared with The base material is basically the same, and the product quality is significantly improved. Therefore, the advantages of using stainless steel welded pipes instead of stainless steel seamless pipes are becoming more and more obvious.

The production capacity of industrial stainless steel pipes in my country is not in line with the domestic market demand. Most of the existing stainless steel pipe units are incompatible with most of the process equipment, such as lack of heat treatment and online testing equipment, so that the unit’s production capacity cannot be fully utilized. It can produce general decorative pipes, while the market for medium and low-grade standard stainless steel pipes exceeds demand for higher-standard industrial welded pipes, such as chemical machinery pipes and heat exchanger pipes. Only a few manufacturers can produce them, and their production capacity is seriously insufficient. .

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