Where to buy Handrail Post?
Where to buy Handrail Post?

I'm sure that there are still people who don't understand handrail or railing after so many years of railing. Many people mistakenly believe that they are the same thing. It isn't true. So what's the difference between handrail posts and handrails?

What's the difference between handrail posts and handrails?

1, stair railings

Railing is generally referred to stairs that are located on either side of the ground or at the base of a column. It serves as a support structure and connects the accessories to perform the function of bearing down and up. Railing allows people to move up and down stairs without a dependency, while also preventing them from falling down. This ensures that the staircase is in a safe, orderly condition.

2, stair handrail

As the name suggests, handrail is the top of bathroom railings to take a horizontal bars, while some corners will have a bent style. The handrai is what we use to support our bodies and most often comes in contact with our bodies when we climb or descend the stairs.

3, railings and handrails for the interval

It is wrong to say there is no distinction between railings and handrails. The location of both the handrail and railing is different. The two roles of the handrail and railing are different. They both serve different purposes. The two roles in the production process are also different. Railings must be punched, welding, and handrail can easily be assembled without welding.

Interior decoration handrail posts precautions.

  1. The installation of the uprights. We must follow the instructions and adhere to the ink line.
  2. The handrail brackets should be installed on the staircase platform as a priority. It is recommended that you use the bolt fixing method.
  3. The welding bar must choose the same base material when welding. Spot welding is a good option for first-time fixing. Wait until the position is confirmed and then do all-round fixed weld.
  4. When bolt connection is used, it is recommended that the bottom of the metalplate eyelet be made into a round hole. This will allow it to withstand the expansion bolt position. To add height to the installation height, you can use a metal thin spacer.

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