What to do if the length of the stainless steel railing is not enough
What to do if the length of the stainless steel railing is not enough

In the installation of stainless steel railings, many engineering companies will encounter the problem of insufficient length. In principle, they have undergone special calculations at the beginning, and even when cutting materials, there is a margin of about ten millimeters. There will be no insufficient length. But after negligence, or the original material is not enough, the length will be insufficient when it is installed. After encountering this phenomenon, how to solve it. On the one hand, for stainless steel materials, it can actually be connected. It can be said that as long as it is metal, it is easy to extend and connect in the welding process.

It is also suggested here that you can check whether there will be insufficient length in the current use of stainless steel handrails. If it is not enough, there are two ways to solve it. What we mentioned above is the direct welding connection, no matter how long the connection is, it will easily meet our actual needs in terms of the length of the railing. In addition, we should also see that in the current stainless steel railings, the elbows also have an adjustment function. The elbows on the interface are slightly larger than the original materials, so that the elbows to the connection can be guaranteed. If the original material is included, after the welding is completed, the specific welding seam will not be seen after grinding and polishing.

In addition, we will also see that when we touch these handrails, on the one hand, we will see that the length is not enough. In fact, there are also calculation errors when starting to stake out. Because when you stake out, all the straight lines in the middle are used, so the consideration of radius is not fully calculated. In our specific installation, we will find that the general gap is about a radius, which must be reserved and blanked according to the size of the stake when we are stocking. On the one hand, it is recommended that professional accounting personnel and technicians carry out the blanking in the blanking, and this is the reason why the inspection should be carried out.

In view of the fact that the length of the current stainless steel is not enough, the two most important elements in splicing are that on the one hand, we should ensure that our force requirements can be met during assembly, because if the force cannot meet the requirements, , Will cause safety hazards. Don’t care how safety is always the most important thing. Secondly, we should also see that after the actual connection is completed, we should also see that it is also very important in the subsequent grinding and polishing process to ensure that no traces can be seen.

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