What is colored stainless steel sheet?
What is colored stainless steel sheet?

Stainless steel sheet is strong and durable and is great for interior and exterior design. Designers can use colored stainless steel sheets to add color to their designs, rather than sticking with the standard stainless steel look.
Titanium-coated stainless steel is used to make colored stainless steel sheets. A PVD-derived process is used to achieve the color. Different types of coatings can be applied to the sheets' surfaces by using vapor. The result can be unique, bright, and wear-resistant. This process can be used on both plain and patterned sheets of stainless steel. Due to different reflections in the raw material, the hue will vary.
Electro-coloring is used to produce colored stainless steel sheets. The interference caused by the reflection and refracted light on the same metal creates the color. This natural method of creating color in stainless steel is less corrosive than coatings. This process can be used on both conventional and patterned stainless steel sheets, just like the Colored Steel method. The individual results can affect the color of the finished product.
Because of their bright colors, Winsco colored stainless steel sheets are more popular in architectural decoration. Beautiful stainless steel doors, columns, and windows will enhance the luxury of luxurious hotels and mansions.
Winsco can supply SS201, SS430, SS304, and SS316L grade stainless steel steel. Size and thickness can be customized according to quantity.
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