How to store stainless steel tee
How to store stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tee is a kind of pipe fittings with excellent performance and corrosion resistance. There is a big difference between tees and elbows and elbows, but in pipeline construction, tees are also widely used. Although stainless steel tees have good corrosion resistance, they still need attention in actual storage. Otherwise, it may have a certain impact on the quality of the three links.

There are two main types of stainless steel tees, one is T-shaped and the other is Y-shaped tees. These two tees are used in different situations and are very common. The following is the storage method of stainless steel tee.

1.After the stainless steel tee is produced, it is necessary to seal the stainless steel tee and handle the stainless steel tee carefully so as to avoid corrosion of the stainless steel tee.

2.Passivate the surface of stainless steel tee. It needs to be wrapped with three layers of canvas to enhance protection.

3.The main material used for stainless steel tee is stainless steel. Although stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and robustness, it is necessary to make protective plates. These protective plates are best made of stainless steel or lead plates.

4.When transporting the stainless steel tee, be sure to put it in a sealed box. The opened box must be covered with canvas. The end of the tube must be plugged with plastic.

5.When the stainless steel tees are stored, other materials should be avoided to affect the stainless steel tees. In this way, the influence of pollutants such as moisture and dust can be better avoided.

These are the issues that should be paid attention to during the storage of stainless steel tee. The reason why stainless steel tees can be widely used in pipeline construction is because stainless steel tees have many advantages.

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