How to configure stainless steel handrail elbow
How to configure stainless steel handrail elbow

For stainless steel handrails, because there are professional elbows, it is easy to install. Of course, these elbows can be purchased in professional stores, and they can also be customized. For a professional engineering company, in fact, they have their own professional pipe bending equipment during installation, and multiple angles can be automatically adjusted. Nowadays, the pipe bending equipment has become more and more modern, and it can be bent intelligently. The operation of the tube. The performance and service life of the current stainless steel products are very satisfactory to users. This is also the reason why many stainless steel products can be widely promoted and used. After seeing the stainless steel guardrail, we will find that the construction is also beautiful. It's very simple.

For the configuration of stainless steel elbows, we suggest to make a large sample first, and after determining the sample, when manufacturing the blank, on the one hand, it must match the line we started to stake out, not too much Deviations, of course, most of the buildings in our country are right angles, so there are more right angles in the elbow. But it’s not to say that all of them are right-angled. In some villas and even some large-scale buildings, there will be many stairs that are not right-angled. This depends on the actual situation of our field test to determine what kind of elbow is used. Begin to test out accurate data by yourself. After measuring the accurate data, we can go to the next step of the prototype line stage. In terms of wool, everyone should pay attention to an error problem. Generally speaking, a margin of ten millimeters should be reserved. In this way, if there is insufficient material in the later stage, the elbow can be adjusted flexibly. Ensure that the configuration in actual use is more convenient and reasonable. These are actually very particular in stainless steel products. Of course, the number of elbows is in principle prepared according to the silicon turning position. Regarding the specifications, the material must be able to be docked with the actual main material. After the docking, it can be seen that it is integrated after polishing in the later stage.

Of course, the configuration of the elbows of these stainless steel handrails should also be looked at. In terms of specific quantity, there should be more reservations, because if there are some human factors in the construction, the number of elbows will eventually be insufficient. , If you buy from a new one or go to the elbow again, it may affect the progress of the entire project. Generally speaking, more elbows will be prepared, so that we can ensure that we don’t need to buy additional elbows when we need it. Or if it is processed by someone, the installation process will become smoother.

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