How to buy stainless steel plate?
How to buy stainless steel plate?

Stainless steel plates are strong in anti-corrosion properties for construction and home improvement materials. They are also the most used building materials in our daily lives. However, because of the high demand for stainless steel plates, many businesses have moved to the second-best instead of pursuing profit.

These are the main points to consider when purchasing stainless steel plates.

First, is the material up to standard?

First, determine whether the material meets the standards. Second, look at the price. If the price is higher than the market price for similar products, then you should ask the manufacturer for a quality certificate. Third, conduct an acid reagent test. For example, 304 plates will not change in color if they are exposed to an acid reagent for 30 seconds. 201 plates will turn black. If you're still unsure and want to purchase large quantities of the material, you can send it to an authoritative testing center for laboratory testing.

Second, look at the surface coloring

There are two types of stainless steel plate coloring: water plating and vacuum plating. Vacuum plating coloring is more expensive than water plating, but it is usually beautiful and exquisite.

The third is whether the scratch

We should be careful to check the surface of the stainless steel plate before we accept it.

Fourth, the film's quality

A protective layer is applied after the processing of the stainless steel plate. This protects the plate from being scratched by sharp objects. You can examine the film's quality to determine the quality of its manufacturer and how much care it has received.

Stainless steel plates are not household items. The quality of stainless steel plates will have a significant impact on the user's life. Don't buy plates at low prices because it can cause serious injury. You can reach us if you have any questions about the product.

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